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Magnabend 1000E
Magnabend Model 1000E, 1m length

Magnabend 1250E
Magnabend Model 1250E, 1.25 m length

This page contains links to various other pages that have lots of information about the "Magnabend" electromagnetic sheet metal folding machine.
These pages have been authored by the inventor and are intended to provide information only; there are no Magnabend machines for sale via this website
If you wish to buy a Magnabend machine then it is suggested that you try one of the following links :-
I established this website to help preserve the technology behind this invention and to help manufacturers and constructors get the basic things right.

  1. Original Patent, 1976, Inventor: Alan Bottomley, (PDF)

  2. Hinge Patent, 1985, Inventor: Geoff Fenton, (PDF).

  3. History of Development and Manufacture.

  4. Fundamentals of How the Magnabend Works

  5. Fundamentals of the Magnabend Electrical Circuit

  6. How to Build a Magnabend

  7. Getting More Out of Your Magnabend

  8. Making Boxes, Top Hats, Profiles etc on a Magnabend.

  9. User Manual for Models 650E, 1000E, and 1250E (PDF).

  10. User Manual for models 2000E, 2500E, 3200E (PDF).

  11. Magnabend Trouble Shooting Guide

  12. The Slotted Clampbar Story and How to Make It. (July 2019)

  13. Magnabend Centreless Hinge. (Page last updated October 2019)

  14. Magnabend Handyman Model. (New additions during 2021)

  15. Hemi-Hinge centreless hinge. (Page added 17 June 2020

  16. Magnabend Coil Calculator.  (Page added 8 August 2020)

  17. Magnabend Magnet Design Tool  (Page added 5 September 2021)
1250E in use


Magnabend Model 2500E, 2.5 m length

Magnabend 3200E corrected
Magnabend Model 3200E, 3.2m length
The video below was made by Magnetic Engineering in 1993
It was filmed in our Magnabend factory in Kingston, Tasmania.

Thank you to Jayson Wallis for the following animation of the Magnabend hinges:

This page last updated 11 June 2021