HTC One X Phone/Camera - Review 14 May 2012

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The previous page discussed some negative aspects of the HTC One X camera but it has a huge number of positives as well :-

HTC phoneIt fits my pocket nicely:

The size, shape and weight of the OneX is excellent for a pocket device. It is lighter and thinner than my current 'point-and-shoot' camera and definitely feels better in my pocket.
(It is somewhat amazing that although this device incorporates both a phone AND a camera it does so with really no penalty in  size or weight!)

Pictures automatically sync with my computer:

An application called "Dropbox" comes pre-installed on the One X and this makes it very easy to sync  pictures to your computer  (and also to Facebook etc if you want to). You can set it to do this via WiFi and /or the mobile network and it works nicely. It is very convenient to sit down at your computer and find that all your pictures are already there - they got there via "the Cloud" where they are also stored and backed-up.

Pictures are very easy to share:

Because this device is also a phone then it is almost always connected to a network and that makes it very easy to share (send) your pictures. There is in fact a long list of sharing options: Mail, Dropbox, Skydrive, Bluetooth, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google+, Messages, Picasa, Plurk and Twitter.

Location of pictures is automatically recorded:

The GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude and altitude) are automatically recorded and stored as part of the EXIF data for each picture. So no more doubts about where the picture was taken.

The User interface is  good:

The user interface is quite good and does not take very long to learn. I would say that it is better than that on most of the other cameras that I have owned.  It is also reasonably responsive.

The Display is Excellent:

The screen on the OneX is nothing short of gorgeous. Its large size (4.7") and high resolution (1280 x 760 pixels) are excellent for showing your pictures (and of course for all the other functions that HTC One X has to offer).

But is it good enough???

I really am not sure yet.  I have been carrying around both a camera and a phone for the past 10 years and am really looking forward to the day when both these devices can be rolled into one. Well they already have been actually and the result is a device that is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

A technical snippet:  The focal length of the lens on the One X camera is just 3mm and the aperture is just 1.5mm.
The first number (3mm) divided by the second (1.5mm) gives the f-number which is a quite respectable f/2.0
The focal length and the aperture remain fixed at all times on this camera.

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